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10 Good Reasons To Have A Recording Studio Stag Party

10 reasons to visit our Royal Mile Recording studio, and why you its the best recording studio stag party for your weekend.

Stag Party Ideas Edinburgh. The perfect way to kick off your weekend is to sing your hearts out at a recording studio stag party in the city centre! Ring us NOW on 0131 556 4882 to check availability or Contact Us

Below are 10 great reasons why a Recording Studio Stag Party is a great idea.

1-     You don’t have to even be great singers. All you have to do… is just love singing! We will work our magic to enhance your performances.

2-     Experience the sheer joy and singing as a group in a comfy and creative studio! Doing something exciting and bonding as a group in the afternoon is a great way to kick off your hen party weekend. Some participants may not have met others in the group prior to the event but music transcends all barriers and will set up your Stag night celebrations perfectly.

3-     Your special occasion is captured forever with a memory that lasts a lifetime, on CD, Mp3s & Pics… with our  SILVER and GOLD packages – or even on Video with our PLATINUM package.

4-     We are bang in the centre of Edinburgh and when the studio party is over, you are in just the right place to continue on to your next destination in the city.

5-     We make sure the Stag is centre stage and will encourage him to do a solo spot once the group parts are recorded. You can then either (a) – promote his amazing talents or (b) – embarrass him forever with the resulting performances. Either way – pop stardom, or humiliation… it’s a win-win situation for the party organiser!

6-     You could use the occasion as an excuse to dress up as pop stars, or to explore and expand ON theme you’ve already chosen for your weekend.

7-     You can be sure of a great recording result at our comfy and creative studio! Although we are fully geared for just pure fun… we have been established as a professional recording and production facility in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile since 1992.

8-     When the recording is over and we are preparing your CDs, pose for our photographer with the studio Guitars and Drums! This is hilarious and can be just as much fun as the singing event!

9-     Enjoy 2 amazing hours of laughter and pure unadulterated FUN!

10-   Satisfaction guaranteed!! We love what we do and have been specialising in these experiences for over 7 years now. We have devised and perfected a winning singing formula that never fails to provide, your recording studio stag party with the best results.



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