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Choosing The Right Song For Your Gift Experience


singing tipsFinding the right track for your singing experience in a professional recording studio can sometimes be quiet hard as firstly there are so many backing tracks to pick from on the Internet, so go for one that you really love to sing.

If its your very first time in a recording studio people quiet often make the mistake of not picking a song in the right key for their voices so making it much  harder for themselves, so rule number one make the key easy for you to reach those higher or lower notes. In the studio the key can be altered slightly a semi tone up or down, you just have to ask, or if you don’t know then the experienced producer will suggest this so making the experience much more pleasant and as a result the experience of singing will be more fun.

If you are not using an existing backing track and recording a backing track from scratch then this rule still applies as you don’t want to spend hours working on laying all the instrumentation down only to find out its in the wrong key for the vocals. (Don’t worry we have all made that mistake)

The next thing you have to consider if it’s your first time, is to pick a track that’s not too complicated and is comfortable for you to sing.  If you can, it’s to your advantage to get to know  the track really well before you  record it, also if you make the common mistake of picking a track that’s very complicated then your allotted time for your session will  run out much more quickly and you will end up requiring more time to finish the track off, so pick easy songs to start with to boost your confidence and also most importantly to achieve a great result

Rhythm  and timing are also very important aspects which I find improve greatly just by putting in the practise, but that has become a lot easier with the smart phone around as one can down load your practise backing tracks easily of the Internet giving you the perfect tool to practise your track, otherwise on the day you can sometimes run into timing trouble and also pitching problems if you don’t know the track well enough and you end up with not the result you expected.

After years of experience singing I have also found that if you take the time to research some easy vocal warm ups, which again you can so easily download from your smart phone or Internet, you will find there are hundreds to choose from on  youtube. It really makes a difference to the strength of your voice on the day and if you have a  session booked just remember to do these exercises, even if it’s just only  10 to 15 mins some time before your session,  it is so worth it and you’ll be reaching those notes so much more easily. They say a little practise every day if your are serious singer will pay dividends. Of course if it’s just for a bit of fun and your not too worried about the result then you just go for it on the day, most importantly enjoy it, have fun and as at the end of the day your joyful confidence will shine through with the result.

After trawling through lots of different voice coaches and quick warm up exercises I was recommended by a really fantastic professional singer a vocal book called Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love with Donna Frazer.

It is simple to understand and also comes with a vocal warm up CD that you can use every day, but every one is different and you might find something that suits your better with your own research.

We get all sorts of singers coming through our studio  and the most common comment as they walk in the door is that the singer or singers say they are nervous . It can be hard to relax properly when you first open your mouth to sing so the importance of your warm ups can help quiet a lot, if you know your song well then one can sing a lot more confidently so practise practise practise is the key and if you can  before your important session.

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