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Choosing the right song for your kids party

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We have had many a kids party through our door here at and every now and then we find the that some of our party customers have a problem choosing the right song. Usually the birthday girl has a favourite track that she just loves to sing, and if she knows it then we usually find most of her friends do too.

But in the case of a child not confidently knowing a song well enough or is overwhelmed by the amount of songs to pick from on the Internet which does sometimes happen, then you can pick from our favourite Top Twenty Song Choices  to make the choice a bit easier.

Keeping It Simple

As a guide to what song you pick, for the age group between 8 to 12 year olds in our experience it is better to pick a song with a catchy chorus and not too complicated lyrics, as their concentration can go quiet quickly  (obviously that’s dependent on the age group).  If you find that the chorus is easy to sing and you have the lyrics in front of you, it soon gets everyone in the group singing along and with even a little practise before they start to record it, even if some of them don’t know the track they will be carried along with the more confident singers so getting a great result.

For the older kids from 12 years upwards it’s easy to pick a current song that they like to sing with their pals as there are so many songs out there now, but with these slightly older age groups we can be a bit more adventurous and get the kids to sing cross over vocal parts to songs which gives them a fantastic learning curve and helps them to see how a song is constructed, as well as building their confidence up it also helps them practise there timing and tuning which is a very important life building exercise in singing, and they get to understand how the professionals do it, which they maybe don’t  get at school.  So if they ever get the chance to do it again they will sail through the procedure much more confidently.

Rapping Not Advised

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The one thing here at the studio that we don’t encourage for kids as a group is rap as it can be rather hard for everyone to grasp the speed of some of lyrical content when trying to rap all together, There just needs to be one person out of time and the whole track starts to sound out of kilter.   You have to know the lyrical content so well as a group otherwise it can end up sounding a bit of a mess unless you all have the most perfect timing, which is hard to do unless you have plenty time to do lots of practise, which is usually not the case.

There are so many great reasons why singing is such a great activity to do, especially as a group. It’s like anything, if you love it you will be inspired and have the motivation to do more of it.   Quite often we hear from parents and kids that at school they can’t sing the songs they like to sing as they are too modern sounding and so they end up singing songs they don’t like very much so demotivating potentially great singers from being more involved in music.

That’s why picking a kids party experience is such a rewarding  experience to do as the emphasis is on fun and when your having fun you express the right emotion for that song no matter what the age group. So when your stuck for that special gift for your friends and family why not book in and give it a go.

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