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Deluxe Demo Package Experience


A good demo package is essential for budding  singers and songwriters or Instrumentalists who need to present their tracks.

Our Deluxe Demo Package Experience is ideal for singers, songwriters, rappers or  instrumentalists who need a good recording to represent their talents. It’s extremely good value for 6 hours in the studio which works out at just £33 per hour PLUS all the free extras included.

If your a singer you can choose as many backing tracks as you need for your recording. Or if your a rapper just bring in the tracks you want to rap to.

Instrumentalists can record and sing with their instrument and utilise all the studio instruments as well as the expertise of our experienced engineers/musicians.


Amazing Value Package Deal Only £199 – voucher valid for a full 18 months.

Worth £320 if bought separately:-

Studio time £33 per hour = £240
Extra participants normally £30 = FREE
Picture Discs normally £5 each (£50) = FREE


Deluxe Demo Package Experience£199.00 Buy now

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  • demo cdIncludes 6 hours in the studio
  • Attractive  personalised gift voucher presented in gold envelope. Valid for 18months
  • Up to 4 can participate
  • 10 full colour picture discs in clear clamshell case. You can provide a pic to be printed on the CD if you like.
  • Photo session
  • Backing tracks
  • Studio Engineer
  • Studio Instruments available if required – Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Telecaster, Fender Strat, Roland Keyboard, Takamine and Taylor Acoustic.

You can use your 6 hour session to record a range of songs or ideas or if you prefer you can just record one or two tracks to a higher standard. It’s completely up to you what you want to do with your studio time. We will be here to help you to achieve whatever you need from your session.

As well as being able to utilise all the studio equipment and instruments our recording engineers are on hand to offer expert assistance in making your recording stand out. We have been in the music industry for decades and have been involved in may successful records and radio and TV broadcasts. We are musicians too and can offer advice on how to get the best performances in the studio and how to move forward with your completed tracks.

If you are just making for music for fun that’s fine too. We believe music is for everyone, not just for people who want to make a career out of it.

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