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Songwriters Mega Production Package


Everything you need to create a full production for your song

An invaluable insight into creating a broadcast standard music production. This is a great package for songwriters who play an instrument and perhaps sing too.

The cost for a songwriter to put this kind of production together would normally cost upwards of £1000 depending on the complexity of the song. Not to mention finding and rehearsing the right musicians prior to a recording session with uncertain results.

Because of the prohibitive costs of doing this, most budding songwriters don’t get to find out how their original ideas will work with a full professional band arrangement and radio ready production.

Package Deal £499 – This package extremely good value as it includes studio time and the expertise and assistance of an experienced music producer who is with you every step of the way to ensure a great sounding result. Musical accompaniment is also included along with many Free extras!
Songwriters Mega Production Package£499.00 Buy now

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  • 12 hours in the studio (this can be split into 2 x 6 hour sessions if required).
  • Studio Producer to guide you through the process and ensure broadcast quality production.
  • Session instruments/Musical Accompaniment (if required) – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums & Backing Vocals
  • 20 Cds with Full Colour Artwork on the disc. Supplied in a clear clamshell case.
  • Photo session
  • Includes 4 participants
  • An attractive personalised gift voucher can be supplied in a gold envelope to the recipient of your choice
  • Valid for 18 months!

Working on the arrangement of the song is the first step to making a great record. Discover how your song can be transformed into the best version of itself by utilising the most effective recording techniques available. You can hear some extracts of productions we have worked on in our state of the art creative studio on the audio player on this page. Each song is different and a unique approach is necessary depending on the length and complexity of the material. By the end of the sessions you will be empowered to go forward with your ideas and hopefully begin producing your own material armed with the knowledge gained from this valuable experience.

Working with experienced award winning producer and musician Iain McKinna, a song can be developed into a full band sound. Iain has worked with hundreds of songwriters and has worked for most major and well known Indie labels. He has been in the music business since starting Southside Studios in 1976 and has experienced first hand the development of technology from basic tape recorders to Midi and digital recording techniques. You can see some of the people Iain has worked with by viewing his portfolio slide show.

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