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Gifts for Guitarists Edinburgh

A recording studio gift experience is the ideal gift for budding guitarists who have
mastered the basic of their instrument and need to progress on to the next level. It’s
only when they hear themselves back at a good quality that they can truly hear the
progress they have made.

This can be very revealing as there are things you can’t really tell about there proficiency with the guitar without hearing themselves back.

The speed of improvement can be instant when hearing things back at good quality
and the benefit of a positive recording studio experience can’t be overstated enough
so this kind of gift for guitarists is extremely valuable.

Things like timing, attention to tuning and musicality are hard to gauge when they are
just playing away to themselves, or even in a group. Also working on the sound of
the amplifier is important.

Working with a producer is a good way of learning sound
techniques guitarists may not have thought about. Overdubbing a lead solo over
rhythm parts is a lot of fun too.

Of course there are other ways of trying things out on various home recording
devices without going to a professional studio but quite often if recording quality is
poor then it can be very off putting and a common cause of confidence loss.

Here at royalmilerecordingexperiences our producers also happen to be guitarists
with a high level of experience in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar in a
wide rage of styles including Rock, Jazz, Folk & World Music in both Rhythm Guitar
and Solo Guitar styles.

Presents for guitarists edinburgh

With many years experience of recording guitars for both
demo and master recordings in many mediums including Radio, TV, CD and Film
projects the recipient of this special recording gift voucher will be in good hands in our
professional and creative recording studio environment.

We all have a large range of software plug ins and outboard amplifiers to create the
right sound for the right project. Finding the right microphones for the desired sound
is also an important factor.

Normally dynamic mics with a high dynamic range can be
the best way to go if recording at high sound levels. Ribbon microphones can
produce warm tones and hearing the different results is extremely interesting for the
experimenting guitarist.

Recording direct into the mixing console can also produce
interesting results then processed through guitar amplifier simulators and
experimenting in this way can be a lot of fun too. Perfect gifts for guitarists in Edinburgh !

gifts for guitarists edinburgh

Gifts for guitarists edinburgh

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