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Girls Drunk N’Loud’s Hen Studio Party

hen party group
Every now and then we get a group of people who really surprise us … (and themselves) … by making a really brilliant recording. Girls Drunk N’Loud came to the studio for a Hen party studio party as a surprise for bride to be Rachel.

When we heard the girls group name (when we prepared the CDs for the party), we were a little apprehensive… but when they turned up they were a lovely bunch and got into the spirit of the occasion with a hearty rehearsal of one of their song choices The Sound Of The Underground by Girls Aloud of course! Straight away we knew it would be a good recording as their voices blended so well together and when they went into the recording room to begin recording we were even more impressed by the vocal performance.

Have a listen to an excerpt of the recording

studio engineer kirsty at the controlsThe second song choice was Madonna’s Just Like A Prayer and Hen Rachel sang the verses while the group sang the chorus’s. The girls enjoyed the whole experience and surprisingly didn’t get drunk at all during the session but just had a couple of glasses of bubbly although what happened later that night we do not know 🙂

The session was recorded by our engineer Kirsty and hosted by Iain. This was Kirsty’s first time at the controls and as you can hear she did a great job of the session.


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