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Hen party weekends in Edinburgh

The Hen Party Weekends in Edinburgh we host in our recording studio here in the Royal Mile are also amazing for us who work here. We recently had a great group from all over Europe including Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and London. Lizzie, the Hen had no idea where she was going until she arrived at the studio. She was obviously a proper singer as she warmed the group up with a singing exercise, “Mummy made me mash my M&M’s”, moving up in semi-tones for a couple of minutes. Then it was straight into a good version of Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Lucy, who organised the party, had chosen Belle from the musical Beauty and the Beast. We warned her that this was a really difficult song choice for a group recording but she said it had special significance for Lizzie. We needn’t have warned her though as the girls launched into a great version of the song.

On Saturday we also had a small group of four Hens from Manchester. Hema and her three friends recorded a version of Bootyliscuos by Destinys Child and had a right laugh doing it. Hema, who is getting married in two weeks really enjoyed her recording session.

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