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Heritage Detectives Recording Studio Experience

9th November 2011 – We have been involved in a great project called Heritage Detectives recording studio experience in which six young people set out to discover the truth behind the fiction of historical stories connected to the capital. Daisy Chain Associates, which is run by Maggie Aitken, commissioned us to record parts of a multi-media presentation in which kids narrated their stories as part of a ‘live’ event at the Scottish Parliament as well as a presentation and short play at The North Edinburgh Arts Centre,

heritage lottery fundFunded by the Heritage lottery this was the second project we have done for Daisy Chain following a ‘live’ event at the Parliament called A Saltyre Sky which also involved young people as well as ex Corrie Ronnie Browne last year. It was exciting and very rewarding working with talented youngsters who were highly motivated by their involvement in these worthwhile projects.

Check out Jen’s blog on our Offbeat website and hear a podcast of interview with her and Maggie Aitken about the project.

To find out more about The Heritage Detectives visit the People Making Waves web-site

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