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Kids Parties Rock!!

We are getting more and more Kids Parties booking in and judging from the feedback, it’s quite an experience to remember!

Sing 4-11
For this kids birthday party we had an unusual mix of girls and boys all 11 year olds calling themselves as “Sing 4 -11” and what fun they had as they slowly got over their shyness, singing a Taylor swift song “blank space”. They all seemed to knew the song very well and when it came for the birthday girl to sing a little solo she bravely sang it like a true professional with the headphones on… and what a lovely voice she had.

The rest of the group were soon very keen to have ago and sang in groups of 3 or 4 enjoying for the first time the sound of there voices through the headphones and having a real  giggle with each other between takes. The photo session at the beginning was a lot of laughs as they posed for the camera looking like rock stars all wanting a go with guitars and percussion instruments.
When all the singing was over they couldn’t wait to dive into the amazing food that had been lovingly prepared as well a the most beautiful looking birthday cake made by Mum Magdelana, which they all really enjoyed, as they listened back to there first ever CD of themselves. A CD they would be proud of in years to come as well as the loads of photos as a great memory forever of their really fun birthday party …. Magdalena wrote in to say “It was definitely an amazing experience and they are so proud of the result!!!”.
Kat’s Meow
Kats birthday party at the studio was filled with singing,laughter, chatter and fun with the group name of the “Kats Meow” – starting off singing the chorus they soon got themselves in the mood and sang so tunefully as a group singing “Country Stars” by “One Republic”
They all knew the song of by heart and hardly needed the lyric sheets which was rather impressive, and as the party got underway they were all really keen to sing in small groups having that professional head phone experience for the first time.
The birthday girl did a wonderful job of her lead vocal her parents where very proud of her as she overcame her nerves, as the more she sang the more her confidence grew
When it came to doing the photo shoot of them posing on the real electric, acoustic guitars and percussion they all had such fun posing and laughing trying to look like their favourite rock stars, bursting into fits of laughter as they where working out their poses.
And so as the party was coming to a close, worn out with the excitement they where all given their first ever CD , the joy on their faces said it all, having had such a great and fun singing experience all saying as they went out the door, they would love to do that again sometime. Mum Nicola wrote in to say “Thank you so much for today. It was so good and the girls all had a great time”.
 The Pop Queens
“The Pop Queens” where a very special group (some of them special needs) and were really excited,about coming for their first ever professional Recording Experience at Royal Mile Recording Experiences.
The birthday girl, I was told, just loved to sing and had been practising her song for the occasion singing a “Katie Perry” song “Roar”, her favourite track, and what a great job she did of singing it. It didn’t seem to matter that there was the odd note that was slightly out of key as the whole experience is about the participation of having fun and about bonding as a group which they all certainly did.
A hilarious time was had by all with the photo session and they just loved to pose with all the instruments and microphones, but the large party spread that had been lovingly prepared soon beckoned them and suddenly they could resist it no more as they chomped their way through the enticing food ending up with a slice of birthday cake which just made the whole birthday experience very very special. We were blown away to receive yet another testimonial when Mum Fiona wrote in to say “Hi Guys, Just wanted you to know that all the kids thoroughly enjoyed todays experience.  You were both fantastic with all of them and special needs did not phase you at all!  I would recommend you to all and keep up the great work”.

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