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Kids party in Edinburgh – Shake It Off!!

If your looking for that something special to do with your 9 to 10 year old kids for their special birthday activity then why not choose a “Kids Recording Studio Party”. It’s the perfect group activity for this age group, and they don’t all have to be great singers to enjoy it.

We just had a rather adorable group of kids of between 9 to 10 year old girls here at who called their group 10 Years Old – all beautifully dressed up in their party outfits. who all turned up very excited about their kids party in Edinburgh making their first ever CD of the birthday girls most favourite track.

10 years opld

The birthday girl had already let it be known that she was not wanting to sing any solo parts but was very keen to sing with some of her friends, she had picked the most popular song of this century for that age group which was Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” unusually this very organised 9 year old birthday girl had even written out a list of who was going to sing with who, so as to not cause any unfairness between her friends.

They had brought their own snacks and drinks along to have, after they had all done the singing, they where longing to tuck into there favourite snacks as they drooled over them before the party had started, and quite a spread it was too! But they had to wait as otherwise the crunching on their snacks would be recorded for all time onto their CD which would have made it hard to listen back too later…

…and so we soon got them rehearsing the chorus which, when they first started singing the group were suddenly overcome with shyness and were singing so quietly you could hardly hear them, so the expert producer cracked a joke which got them all laughing, they started to relax and once they all knew what they were doing they soon where singing the chorus confidently so very easily recorded the part down with them singing so beautifully.

It was so much fun for all the girls singing the next parts to the track with the real experience of wearing Professional headphones was so exciting for them, splitting up into smaller groups they laughed and giggled between each take, enjoying their first ever professional singing experience, which was just how all their favourite stars record it., soon they were buzzing with the fun of it.

Suddenly to our total surprise the birthday girl having lost all her shyness put the headphones on and agreed to speak they small rap part on her own and bravely rapped it with such confidence like a true professional surprising everyone, she did a fantastic job. These experiences are so fantastic for building up confidence, and if she ever gets the chance to sing in a recording studio ever again she will be a lot less nervous the next time.

But the best bit was yet to come as after they had sung all the different parts to the song it was time for the best ever posing photo session to happen. They all got to try on all the guitars, play with the drums and pose with all the real mics and percussion, they where all natural posers and just loved every minute of it with the priceless expressions on their little faces it was so much fun and so the birthday girl had all the photos to take away as a great memento at the end of the party.

They were now ready for a bite to eat after all their hard work, they couldn’t wait to tuck into the fantastic snacks mum had brought along, and for that rare moment the whole room fell silent as they enjoyed the feast but not for long as mum pulled out the surprise birthday cake and they all joyously sang happy birthday to the delighted birthday girl, it was hard work for her blowing out all the candles on top and took a few blows.

Happy they all left clutching a CD each and a party bag with the lasting memory of what a great party it had been which would be imprinted in their minds forever.

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