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Kids Party Ideas Edinburgh – Recording Studio Parties

If you are looking for new and fun kids party ideas a recording studio party is both a huge amount of fun for the participants, and a great learning experience too!

kids party ideasOur studio in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile has been established since 1992 and as well as being a fully functioning professional recording studio, we have been hosting recording studio parties and experiences since 2005.

When we first started responding to enquiries at the studio for kids party ideas for birthday celebrations we didn’t have a formula for recording large groups of kids and the results were varied. But over the years we have devised a fantastic method for producing consistent results which you can hear on the audio player on this page (below).

Kids party ideas for a group singing event

We have found that breaking the chosen song into easy chunks for the kids to focus on produces great results. This involves preparation by us prior to the event so that the song is ready to record when the party starts. We also print out lyrics for each child too and print out all the CDs with the song title and group name so that each child has a CD to take home with them o the day of the party. If we are provided with a pic of the birthday child we can also print this onto the disc too.

We normally start off our parties by getting all the kids involved in the chorus of the birthday girl (or boys) chosen song and then encourage smaller groups to have a go at other parts of the song. The birthday child is, of course, given the choice of singing a solo part for the song, this can often be the first verse. The result is a dynamic recording which features different groups in the various parts of the recording which is both fun to take part in, and to listen back after the event too.

Photo session, Snacks and Birthday cake

kids party ideasOnce the song is recorded, while the producer is mixing the track and making CD copies for all the kids, a photo session then takes place in which the superstars are encouraged to pose with our studio instruments. At this stage any snacks and birthday cake are prepared by the parents for consumption after the photo session when the kids can hear the amazing results of the recording.

So, if you are looking for kids party ideas where everyone in the group gets a chance to be involved with a special emphasis on the birthday child, this is a fantastic experience. There aren’t too many kids party ideas around where the results are enjoyed decades into the future!

Just check our testimonials to read what others say about our party events in the heart of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile.

Listen to some great examples on our audio player. Great for getting kids party ideas for songs too!

Kids Party Music Audio

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