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Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NF
0131 225 5613

This high class Restaurant has a very delightful gothic charm about it, even the entrance is inviting as you walk down the ally way and then down some very ancient stone steps into this amazing resteraunt you can’t help but go wow, this unusual setting makes you feel you really are sitting in a old historical part of Edinburgh while enjoying your meal, it even has that lovely cosy outdoor balcony if you feel like having a drink outside. The table service is fantastic as the waiters rush about catering to your every need. The food is varied and caters more for the fish and meat eater but they do have vegetarian options which if asked for before hand could be altered.

restaurant in edinburghs royal mile

The only down side is the drinks can be a bit pricy but hey when your celebrating something very special who cares, as you will be left with that lasting memory of not only having been somewhere very unique but also having enjoyed a spectacular meal which is well worth the price, every course is beautifully presented, with a desert to dye for which is as selection of several tiny deserts put together on a plate with every mouthful being a different explosion of taste, it was really rather enjoyable.

They do cater for parties but the limit is for up to 10 people and you certainly would not be allowed entry dressed in your hen party outfits. But if you get the chance to go I can assure you you won’t be disappointed.


9 Advocates Close, Edinburgh EH1 1ND
0131 225 4465

Hidden away down advocates close of the High Street is another hidden gem, you would never think it was there by looking down the close from the top of the street, but this establishment is a perfect place to go for drinks and even dinner it has been transformed from an old Victorian pump house and cleverly designed inside with the restaurant on an open plan upper mezzanine level with stairs leading down to the main bar area. It’s full of character and ambience with even an outside tabled area for those warm evenings. it has a warm and inviting atmosphere, and once you are there you are very tempted by the list of unusual cocktails, that you can even peruse on line so you know exactly what to order before you even get there.



The Restaurant is lovely to sit in with not a huge menu to choose from but you are sure to find something to tempt the palette, so is a definite must for that special occasion.


8-9 Teviot Place EH1 2QZ

Tel: 0131 225 9801

If you are looking for a hip and rustic but low budget place to eat, this establishment is top of my list, “a definite hidden gem “which is ideal for a Hen Party on a budget if you want something that will not put your budget through the roof. This rather funky restaurant is fairly central, you can sit in or take away and sometimes you might have to queue to get a seat but it’s well worth the wait. It is cheap to eat there as they serve some of the food in takeaway cartons and bowls (street style), and sadly you can’t book a table. But the style of food is definitely above your average noodle bar with the great flavours of Thailand and the cooking is exceptional.
They also cater for vegetarians, and for people who can’t eat chillie, you just have to ask. The house wine is £10 for (500ml carafe) per bottle but they also serve delicious Thai soft drinks and beers. They don’t do deserts so if you have a sweet tooth you’ll have to go else where. It may not be the best choice for the main event of your party but a great place to eat. I would put it at the top of my list as far as the cooking and taste of the food is divine, so even if you don’t try it for your hen do you could always try it for another occasion.


125 George St, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 4JN
0131 225 5005

This establishment is very decadent and expensive but is very popular with the hens for a place to go and party for the night, it is not cheap. They have a bar/ restaurant on the upper floor  and a night club underneath. The bar upstairs is very comfortable with lots of comfy seating designed for large groups with the usual array of drinks on offer it has that feeling of indulgence with very efficient waiters on hand making sure your drinks are topped up (which can sometimes be annoying), it has a few different areas to sit in and even one in front of a cosy open fire for those chilly Edinburgh nights. you can be sure by the end of the night your wallet will feel a little lighter, but you will have had a great time.

If you didn’t feel you wanted to hang out for the night at the night club beneath it you need not worry as you have your pick of plenty other night clubs to choose from all along George Street

CHAOPHRAYA Thai Restaurant / Bar

4th floor, Castle Street, EH2 3DN

Tel: 0131 226 7614

Chaophraya means river in Thailand, this restaurant is in a class of its own  and is a perfect place to go to for that special occasion. It can accommodate large groups and is situated on a 4th floor, but don’t worry no stairs to climb as there is a lift which takes you to the top. The views are pretty gob-smacking, with even a veranda that you can sit on to have your pre-dinner drinks  and if you are lucky to get a table in the glass house you can’t help being impressed by the awesome view of the castle. The food has that taste of Thailand and there are plenty dishes to choose from, so if you feel like splashing out this definitely has the wow factor.


15 George 1V bridge , Edinburgh EH1 1EE

Tel: 0131 226 3131

This very busy popular central restaurant is worth checking out, and will accommodate large groups it has a great varied menu and is above average to most restaurants in the area, sadly it won’t take hen party’s that dress up, so if your looking for somewhere to eat on your first night don’t go with all your hen gear on, or you could choose to go the next day for even a lunch  as the cooking is excellent. It caters for meat and fish eaters and there are even the odd vegetarian options to pick from. If you get the right seat there are stunning views of the Castle and Edinburgh Sky line.

Due to its popularity you are probably better to book a table rather than just turning up especially if you are a large group. There lunch menu is cheaper so one could at least check it out before you go and party.

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