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Neon City Girls – Iona’s 16th Birthday Experience

Saturday 28th January 2012 – We had the talented Neon City Girls in the studio recording their version of Perfect by Pink as well as One Direction’s recent hit That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

Iona's 16th birthday recording studio experience

Neon City Girls

The X-tra two song  experience was bought by birthday girl Iona’s Mum Sarah – for her 16th Birthday present – and she brought her two friends Summer and Natalie along to take part in the recording session with her.

The girls had rehearsed their parts prior to coming in, which is always recommended, and recorded a really good version of Perfect well within the first hour.

What Makes You Beautiful is a hard song to sing in one go as the chorus parts overlap several times throughout the song. This was well covered by the girls who had already taken this into account in their rehearsals when dividing up the vocal parts.

We needed all our time to get both songs recorded to a degree the girls were happy with and the experience went down extremely well.

Mum Sarah said afterwards, “The girls had a fantastic time and are really proud of their CD, they all said how lovely you both were and really put them at their ease – I think that you definitely managed to get the best out of them! We went for dinner and had hired a limo to pick them up after as a surprise which really completed their popstar day, they were beside themselves and played their songs in the limo full blast with the windows down all round Edinburgh!”

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