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Not sure if this event is right for your party?

You don’t have to be a confident or experienced singer

party 1You might for starters think you are not a very good singer or might think that you have no singing abilities at all so this experience is not for you, but we have found through the countless parties that we have been hosting at our studio over the many years that this is totally unfounded, as the point of a party is to have as much fun and joy as possible and the fact you don’t call yourself a singer should not put you off.

Sometimes it’s much more about the participation of singing as a group than being able to sing amazingly well. Often the group can erupt into fits of giggles as they hear themselves back for the first time, and so this experience is as much about having a laugh than achieving a perfect tuneful result.

The studio experience can enhance your singing abilities

party 2Or if you do call yourself a good singer and just love to sing then this party experience can really boost your confidence as you get the opportunity to show off in front of your friends and family, giving you that amazing  buzz that all superstars love having and can never get enough of.

As well as having that professional headphone experience which can make you sing like a true superstar,  also you have that truly bonding experience singing with your nearest and dearest you end up with a recording to commemorate the occasion that you just want to play again and again.

A fun photo session is a great addition to the party

But singing is not the  only thing that happens at these party’s as there is a fun photo shoot taken during the party which capture the most fantastic golden moments  of your party 3joyful and fun time together with your very special friends and family that you will treasure for years to come. So you don’t have the worry of having to photograph those special moments yourself as its all done for you, and so when leaving the party you leave with one disc full off pics to treasure forever.

These party experiences are like nothing else you have ever tried and so the key to getting a great result is to just relax and enjoy yourselves.  If you like having fun and a laugh why not give it a go,  and you will be guaranteed an experience you will never forget that is not only special… but priceless.

So if you throw away your fear, jump in head first you will not only have the time of your lives but an experience that is like nothing else that suits anyone from your Granny, Grandpa, Mum, Dad, sons, daughters, kids and of course all your very loved friends.

It’s simple to book one of our recording studio parties

These party’s are unique, so if you are looking for something a bit different to celebrate as a group, pick up that phone now and call us on 0131 556 4882 or go to contact us to book your truly special and fantastic party event for any occasion you can think of, how can you resist, it’s such great fun….you will not regret giving it a go.

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