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Preparing for our recording studio singing experiences.

Everyone is different and how long it takes to record a song will depend on the complexity of the song you have chosen and how well you have prepared for one of our recording studio singing experiences.

Once you have decided on your song choice(s) please let us know in advance and we will email out mp3 versions of your chosen tracks so that you can practise at home before coming to the studio. It’s important that you get used to singing with a track that doesn’t have the lead vocal on it before your session.

When you have practised with the tracks you may decide you wish to change your mind about your song choices and that’s fine. Just let us know and we will email out new tracks to you.

lorena's singing experienceAs a rough guide to our recording studio singing experiences, recording one song to a reasonable level takes around one hour. To record to a professional level can take two hours so it really depends on what you require your recording for. Sometimes people are surprised by how long it can take to make a recording but we encourage you to focus on quality rather than quantity. We want you to make a recording that has lasting value. Something you can be proud of in years to come and that you won’t be embarrased to play and share with your friends and family.

We are professional music producers with lots of experience in working with singers so we will help you to get the very best out of your voice. We are used to working with singers who are not professional and specialise in providing ‘real’ recording studio experiences which will be of great value in providing the studio experience you will need for future recordings.

What happens in the session?

First we help you warm up your voice by doing some simple but effective vocal exercises. After that, we normally record until we get two good overall performances of the song. After that we sit down with you at the mixing desk and pick the best parts from each take. There are normally some lines that still need to be fixed after this so we then focus on dropping in these parts to make up the best possible track of your lead vocal take.

If time allows we will then encourage to you experiment with your recording by trying out some studio techniques. For example, double tracking on the chorus’s and even possibly adding some harmony parts here and there. Don’t worry if you haven’t done that before, we know how to coach you through the whole process. We will always suggest ideas for you to try out, but in the end it’s your recording so if you don’t want to include these ideas in your final recording it’s completely up to you.

After we have compiled the best parts of you vocal performances, we then mix these, adding effects and enhancing the recording depending on what suits the song – and you taste – best. We blend the vocal parts in with the backing track of your choice so that it all sounds as natural as possible.

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