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Recording studio hen party and stag party fun!

Having hosted recording studio hen party and stag party experiences for four years now we keep thinking we have probably recorded most variations of music… But no! We are still constantly surprised by people’s song choices.

Like the day we had two hen parties from different parts of the uk who had both decided to record Bohemian Rhapsody! We hadn’t done that one before or since… Loads of fun but bizarre!

And then there was the stag party of big butch guys who had decided to record Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris. What a laugh that was!

Or the group of ex navy stags who chose ‘I Want It That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys’. How we managed to keep the video camera still for their platinum video experience is still a mystery. Judge for yourself. We named this The Best Stag party boy band ever! Tell us if you find a better one.

Anyway whether its I Will Survive, Don’t Stop Believing or an Abba song for Hens. Or for stags – Do They Know Its Xmas or Lou Reed’s Perfect Day or any of the above, our Hen & Stag recording studio experiences cater for ANY musical taste.

We guarantee a really amazing fun and memorable studio experience. We love our job and make it our business to make sure our recording studio parties are the best!!


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