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Singing Gift Ideas

If you have a talented friend or family member who loves singing then our singing gift
ideas are definitely worth considering purchasing a recording studio gift voucher.
For singing gift ideas our recording studio experiences are a valuable learning and
confidence building activity for singers of all ages and abilities.

Recording the voice with good quality microphones and studio equipment is a great way
to gauge the true talent of a singer and we are always surprised by how quickly a performance
can improve as soon as the singer hears themselves back.

Once we have set up the sound and got the right headphone levels for the performer
we always do a test recording so that they can come into the control room and hear
whether they are pitching the song correctly and if they are singing too softly or too
loud. Just by listening back and absorbing these factors the singer more often then
not goes back into the recording room and instantly improves the delivery of their
performance which is very satisfying and a great boost for their confidence. Nerves
often disappear altogether and the singer starts to deliver a great sounding vocal.

At this point we suggest singing two or three good takes of the main vocal track.
Once the main vocal for a song is recorded we then go through each section of the
song choosing the best parts from each take and building a composite track which is
usually the best possible result we will get from the singer at this stage. however
upon listening back its still possible to drop in small parts if the vocalist thinks they
can improve on anything.

Singing Gift Ideas Edinburgh

It can sometimes surprise people how long it can take to get a good vocal result.
Even if the singer is well rehearsed, depending on the length and complexity of the
material, it can take around an hour to record a lead vocal to a reasonable standard.
Some professional singers who have a reputation to defend, can spend a whole day
recording a song to perfection.

Once the lead vocal is recorded we then demonstrate the various methods of
improving the sound of the performance. Reverb, which simulates rooms, halls and
other acoustic situations is important to match the vocal against the backing music
so that it sound like it’s coming from the same space.

Echo is also a great way to enhance the sound of a performance. Sometimes we
add some compression if the loud and quiet parts of the performance need to be
evened out. And tone or equalisation is employed to add or cut treble, middle and
bass frequencies of the voice.

Depending how much time is booked for the session, we then encourage the singer
to add harmony parts and double tracking of chorus parts can be really effective.
This has the effect of lifting the chorus and if done in a subtle and sensitive way, the
listener will not be aware of the process but will just experience a feeling of the track
building emotively.

Finally the vocal track is mixed so that the correct volume levels match the backing
music too. Then the track is mixed ready to be burned (transferred) on to CD. MP3
can also be created from the resulting mix so that the track as your great singing gift
ideas can be shared online with friends and family or music industry contacts.

singing gift ideas edinburgh

singing gift ideas edinburgh

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