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Studio Gear

Our Studio & The Equipment

The studio is run on a MAC Pro using Logic Pro X. We also have Logic 7 and Logic 9 for backward compatibility. , We also have Reason 9.  Our analogue to digital convertors are the World Class “Metric Halo” with Jensen Transformers.

We have a Yamaha DM2000 mixing board which runs up to 96 channels of Audio at a max of 96k bandwidth with the facilities for Sound Surround and HD recordings. The pre-amps in this desk are warm, rich and world-class. Each of the available 96 channels on the desk have a Class A Compressor and Noise Gate and the 8 internal effects will include Class A Reverbs and an array of multi-effects.

Monitors & Amps

Focal Solo 6 BE Monitors (40hz to 40khz) with built in matched Class A Amps
Genelec 1029a Monitors with Sub and built in Class A Amps
Neumann KH120 Full Range Monitors with built in matched Class A Amps
Quad 303 Stereo Amp
Cambridge Audio Hi Fi with speakers for comparison.

Three independent headphone mixes using Beyer DT100 Headphones
Sonnex & Cambridge Audio amplifiers.
We use Rupert Neve and Focusrite pre-amps.


Microphones include:

Neumann U87 condenser
Neumann KM 841’s
Rode NTK Valve Microphone
Rode K2 Valve Microphone
AKG Solid Tube Microphone
Coles Stereo Ribbon Microphones
Stereo pair AKG 3000s
Sennheisser MKH 416 microphone
Shure SM57s and 58s dynamic microphones

Plugins & Soft Synths

Roland RS9 Mother Keyboard,

Plug-ins include:
The full set of the renowned Waves Platinum
+ full set SSL
+ full set Chris Lord
+ full set Kramers
+ Full set Maserati
+ full set JJP
+ full set L3 Signal processors
+ full set of One Knob processors…

… and loads more.

Software Instruments –
Hans Zimmer Percussion
Spitfire Albion Strings,
Native Instruments Komplete 9,
Arturia Mini Moog,
Addictive Drums,
Oxford Suite,
Audio damage,
Nomad Factory,
Sonnox collection,
Antares Auto-tune and Evo,
PSP Audioware,
Logic Pro X instruments & more!!

Izotope & T-Rax Mastering Software

Instruments and Amps include:

Takamine Acoustic Guitar,
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
Fender Telecaster and Strat,
Fender Jazz Bass,
Tanglewood Acoustic Bass
Taylor Acoustic Guitar and
Line 6 Variax Guitar (featuring simulation of Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Les Paul, Gibson Firebird, Gibson Semi, 12 string and banjo)
Trace Acoustic amp;
Electronic & Acoustic Hybrid Drum Kit,
Bridge Electric Violin,
Fender Bassman Amp,
Trace Acoustic Amp,
Tech 21 Flyrig 5 Guitar Amp with FX
Selection of Boss, Roland pedals & Wawa pedal. Wem copycat.

We also have a huge music sample library which has been built up over years of unique original samples.

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