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Studio Gear

The studio is run on a MAC Pro using Logic Pro X. We also have Logic 7 and Logic 9 for backward compatibility. , We also have Reason 9.  Our analogue to digital convertors are the World Class “Metric Halo” with Jensen Transformers.

We have a Yamaha DM2000 mixing board which runs up to 96 channels of Audio at a max of 96k bandwidth with the facilities for Sound Surround and HD recordings. The pre-amps in this desk are warm, rich and world-class. Each of the available 96 channels on the desk have a Class A Compressor and Noise Gate and the 8 internal effects will include Class A Reverbs and an array of multi-effects.

Monitors & Amps

Focal Solo 6 BE Monitors (40hz to 40khz) with built in matched Class A Amps
Genelec 1029a Monitors with Sub and built in Class A Amps
Neumann KH120 Full Range Monitors with built in matched Class A Amps
Quad 303 Stereo Amp
Cambridge Audio Hi Fi with speakers for comparison.

Three independent headphone mixes using Beyer DT100 Headphones
Sonnex & Cambridge Audio amplifiers.
We use Rupert Neve and Focusrite pre-amps.


Microphones include:

Neumann U87 condenser
Neumann KM 841’s
Rode NTK Valve Microphone
Rode K2 Valve Microphone
AKG Solid Tube Microphone
Coles Stereo Ribbon Microphones
2 x Stereo pairs AKG 3000s
Sennheisser MKH 416 microphone
Shure SM57s and 58s dynamic microphones

Plugins & Soft Synths

Roland RS9 Mother Keyboard,

Plug-ins include:
The full set of the renowned Waves Platinum
+ full set SSL
+ full set Chris Lord
+ full set Kramers
+ Full set Maserati
+ full set JJP
+ full set L3 Signal processors
+ full set of One Knob processors…

… and loads more.

Software Instruments –
Hans Zimmer Percussion
Spitfire Albion Strings,
Native Instruments Komplete 9,
Arturia Mini Moog,
Addictive Drums,
Oxford Suite,
Audio damage,
Nomad Factory,
Sonnox collection,
Antares Auto-tune and Evo,
PSP Audioware,
Logic Pro X instruments & more!!

Izotope & T-Rax Mastering Software


Instruments and Amps include:

Takamine Acoustic Guitar,
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
Fender Telecaster and Strat,
Fender Jazz Bass,
Tanglewood Acoustic Bass
Taylor Acoustic Guitar and
Line 6 Variax Guitar (featuring simulation of Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Les Paul, Gibson Firebird, Gibson Semi, 12 string and banjo)
Trace Acoustic amp;
Electronic & Acoustic Hybrid Drum Kit,
Bridge Electric Violin,
Fender Bassman Amp,
Trace Acoustic Amp,
Tech 21 Flyrig 5 Guitar Amp with FX
Selection of Boss, Roland pedals & Wawa pedal. Wem copycat.

We also have a huge music sample library which has been built up over years of unique original samples.

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