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Tanya’s Recording Studio Birthday Party Edinburgh

This lovely lady Tanya had been in to the studio the year before to celebrate her birthday and had such a great time she wanted to do it all over again for her birthday party this year. She picked a group of her best pals and family to come and join her, some of which had not made it to last years Recording Studio Party. It was the perfect activity to do when the weather had been nothing but rain.

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Tanya had picked two fantastic tracks to sing mash up of Uptown Funk and Another One Bites The Dust as well as her singing solo on Nana Nana Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.
This birthday party turned out to be one they would all remember forever, as they really had the most fun time singing together as well as singing in smaller groups around the microphones. One thing most people don’t understand is that singing solo or in a group can give one a real buzz especially if you love the track you are singing and their where endless special high moments where this happened, and as you record it down you can also capture the special vibe between the individual singers singing together. The smiles on their faces and the laughter said it all, but the vibe of joy in the room was also pure magic which made their recording so special.

Tanya also had the most beautiful strong and natural voice which carried the solo parts fantastically, the trick to this is picking the right tracks for her voice as well as picking a track in the right key which is quite often over looked by people who want to have a go at singing. If you have a favourite track that is not in the right key for the participant then the key can be altered by a semi tone up or down by the head producer to get the best advantage of someone’s voice making it so much easier to sing ending up with a much better result.

Well they finally had recorded all the parts to the track and while the head producer mixed it down, they were then asked if they would like a wee group photo session posing with the guitars, microphones and drums so they would be able to show all their family and friends at a later date. What fun they all had, some of the group were rather shy at first but once they had held a bit of percussion or a microphone in their hand they soon got the idea and their shyness disappeared. As they posed together the photographer captured some fun shots, sometimes it is more about the participation of being in a group and capturing the memory of a fun time together that’s just as important as the recording.

So it was coming to the end of their Recording Studio Party and they chatted away while the CDs where being made up and the photos downloaded to take away with them, they were really happy with the result and left with happy smiles on their faces saying they would come back again sometime as it had been so much fun.

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