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Things To Do & See

The Gallery Beadshop – 14 Lochrin Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9QY Tel –0131 229 2209
The beadshop  is run by the most wonderful, enthusiastic and charming lady called Annie who is so knowledgeable about beads and how to make up jewellery that you immediately want to book in and do one of her work shops.
This is a great idea for a Hen Party activity if you are looking for something in your day to do as a group. The shop is so full of all sorts of wonderful beads it’s like going into a sweetie shop (but obviously you can’t eat them),  a feast for the eye with every colour and style of beads and fittings to choose from, you can go in there and create your own  be-spoke jewellery unique to you and come away with something very very special. You need not worry if you have never done anything like this before as you are. guided through the process with the experts on hand to help you every step of the way. A unique way to spend your morning or afternoon especially if the weather is not that great, and central to, a great bonding activity to have with your fellow hens while you chatter away constructing your masterpiece, as you are also allowed to bring your own favourite tipple to help you get into the mood.
HOEYYN ARTS Tel – 07828 892210
If you are interested in art and have a moment or two to kill you might want to check out this small gallery called Hoeyyn Arts,  just across the road from the Recording Studio for a bit of inspiration
Hoeyyn started making a living painting at very early age of 16 years old and won many art exhibitions during her period of study, she is born in Malaysia and founded her Tong Hua Art School in Malaysia.
Since then she has done many commissions of several leading movie stars for premier release of various films in Malaysia such as Shanghai Knights, Kung Fu Hustle etc. She was asked to represent Malaysian Artists at the Malaysian Art  Gallery in London and her work has now become widely recognised there. She was also selected to take part in an exhibition for the prime minister of Malaysia
Her work is unique and very special, a complete style of her own ranging from portrait to abstract works bursting with colour to very fine delicate pencil drawings which have you in awe at detail and finesse of her works. Such a lovely lady, this “hidden gem” of an artist will have you walking away with the feeling of having seen something very exceptional and remarkable, so go and check it out.
Shivago Thai Clinic – 07455091113 Hoeyyn’s gallery is also connected to the “Shivago Thai clinic” which is run by highly trained therapist, so if you like an authentic Thai massage who can taylor your treatment to your individual needs incorporating Thai cupping therapy, Thai herbal compress massage and therapeutic Thai massage, you can just wander in  of the street for a 10 to 15 minuet massage to ease those aches and pains or book in for an hour for a longer pampering which is finished with a cup of delightful herb tea.
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Aromatherapy massage Phyllis North – EH7 5HB Edinburgh – 0131 556 3345 This charming lady Phylis has many certificates to her name with regarding massage therapies, with many years of experience she has a practise in a central location and has a holistic approach with every client. A very sympathetic persons she is very easy to talk to and not only has a really fantastic understanding of aromatherapy oils but also blends her oils in a unique way to suit the individual emotionally and physically.  Her massage suits the individual client who is keen on a light massage and if you decide to go for the full package at £40 for a full body massage including a foot rub you will definitely come away floating and feeling very pampered. Watch this space for her new massage for pregnant woman which will be on offer later on in the year.
Camera Obscura and world of illusions – Tel – 0131 226 3709 Email –
Camera Obscura the Outlook Tower is 5 floors of interactive fun for all ages right next to Edinburgh Castle and is open everyday.
This is pure entertainment so if your looking for an hour or two to kill this is just the place as well as being a bit of a giggle with your friends or family. You get the most fantastic views of the city from the roof top tower where you can also learn about the history of this great city in a unique way. From inside the roof top chamber you are able to see live moving images of Edinburgh projected onto a viewing table through a giant telescope where you can pick people up and squash them into a pulp and even make traffic go over the paper bridges. There is also the Magic Gallery, the Light Fantastic which is the largest hologram exhibition, the World of Illusions where you experience mind warping effects in there mind bending collection of optical illusions,  etc etc … So there is plenty of activities to check out.

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