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Amazing Hen Party Singing Event

Lisa Marie & Her Puppy Lovers

A really lovely group of Hens that came to the studio for their “Hen Party” last week. The Hen organiser, Kirsty Williamson had managed to conceal from the bride “Lisa Marie” that where coming to our recording studio, which was such a surprise for her. But the party soon got going, and to relax the nerves after a glass of their favourite tipple, they all started singing their first song choice.”Don’t Stop Believing”, the Journey version.

Once they had warmed up with their first track, which they were rather nervous about singing , when they heard themselves back as a group they soon relaxed and by the time they where ready to sing their next track “Black Velvet” they were a lot happier and more confident and experienced the most fantastic bonding singing experience with the adorable bride “Lisa Marie” whose unconfident singing skills turned out to be unfounded, as she gave the most moving performance singing the lead vocal.


The rest of the Hen group were then split into groups to sing small parts for both tracks to give them that real headphone experience. Giggling and laughing between takes is all part of the fun, and again when they heard themselves back they where all pleasantly surprised at the result. Even the Mums came out of their shells and joined in the fun singing there hearts out playing their blow up Electric guitars, as these singing experiences are suitable for all age groups . They were all blown away with the results.

The sheer joy and the laughter said it all as they posed for their photo session at the end, they all had those happy smiles and left feeling quietly confident that their vocals where actually quite good and would be so much more confident singing in the future, and where all so happy to have their first ever CD as a lasting and happy memory.

Kirsty sent in an email afterwards saying “We all had an absolutely fantastic night. The team were very attentive and looked after all the hens. Iain and Kirsty were so down to earth and professional throughout the recording session, all of the hens throughly enjoyed the experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the studio, great if your looking for something different for your bride to be. A Relaxed, Fun and amusing time”.

Hear a clip from their track Black Velvet

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