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What happens at our Recording Studio Parties

Ever wondered what happens at our recording studio parties? If you haven’t found that perfect idea for your special event why not give this a go, and if are curious about what happens at these party’s then read this article….

Suitable for just about any occasion

recording studio partiesWe have been hosting these amazing and unique recording studio parties for many years now, which are suitable for Hen/Stag, Birthdays, Office parties or any other occasion you can think of. Not only are they great fun but they can also be extremely joyful… and suitable for any age where you can experience a very bonding time singing as a group or if you are brave enough and love to sing you can also have a go at singing on your own on part of the track. 

We have a tried and tested formula which has been finely tuned over the many years to enhance your party to the max which will guarantee the most fantastic time with the main emphasis being fun and having a laugh.

What if I’m not a great singer?

recording studio partiesContrary to popular belief, the many people who don’t call themselves singers immediately think these recording studio parties are not for them, and you would be surprised to hear how many people walk through our doors saying this. But they soon realise this is totally unfounded, as to their total surprise, they all walk away having had the most fantastic time. Sometimes this is more about the participation of doing something together as a group, and not necessarily about singing perfectly, so recording those priceless and special fun moments for all time. 

Choosing the right songs

recording studio parties jukeboxWe can advise you on several tips to make your party a fun occasion starting with picking the right songs for your party, we strongly suggest that when picking your favourite song to sing that you pick a song firstly, in a key that will be easy to sing in as a group and secondly a song that is easy to sing, off course as a group there will always be some singers who are maybe not as confident or maybe struggle to sing higher notes or lower notes but you need not be too concerned about that as we can lower the pitch or make it higher by a semitone up or down to help with that, and the more confident singers can sing the more difficult parts so leaving the easier parts for the less confident singers to sing. And if you really don’t want your voice to be heard you can always stand further back from the mic’s and your voice just seamlessly melts into the singing group. 

The benefits of singing as a group

Sometimes there is an element of fear about the thought of singing but we can totally dispel all that as as well, as this magic happens when singing together that is such a special feeling of joy that the fear just melts away and you find its actually fun and it’s not always about how perfect a singer you are but about the experience of singing together in a group situation and the smiles and laughter and even sometimes dancing, that happen through out are plain to see, and of course you can bring along snacks and your favourite tipple to help you relax, which for some people is a must. 

We usually start with singing the chorus as most people know a chorus and it warms up the voices in the right way, and we practise it first before you actually record it down and so even the people who don’t know the track can pick it up easily.

The buzz of singing together

When you are ready to record the verses to the track we split you up into smaller groups and  get you to sing these parts with the headphones on giving you that rare experience of hearing your voices properly for the first time, which can either create a room full off laughter or a real buzz,  you are not expected to sing it all in one take, and if it’s proving to be difficult to grasp the part, you can even sing it line by line or even drop in a word if you are wanting that super perfect result, expertly guided by our head producer you can’t go wrong, this is how all the great superstars do it as sometimes even for them there can be the odd difficult moment, but we try not to take this too seriously as it is a party and this is all about the enjoyment of singing.

mcghee-to-be-blog2The next stage after recording all the group parts down is to offer anyone within the group which might be the birthday girl/boy or the hen/stag or someone who is a particularly good singer to maybe sing a wee solo spot – which if they are brave enough can be such a rewarding experience for them as they impress all their friends, family and work mates that they are actually great singers. Giving them that euphoric moment and also the right boost that they need as they might be encouraged to sing again sometime. The experience is so confidence boosting and up lifting not only for the singer, but for the group too,  so giving the chance to perform in front of all the best and most treasured friends and family which will be an eternal memory for all who came along. 

Let your inner popstar emerge!

When all the singing has been recorded the party is not over yet as while the head producer weaves his magic to get the best result possible, they can then if they want to, have a photo shoot posing with all the professional studio instruments, drums and percussion which has everyone in stitches as they form groups with there favourite friends and family posing like superstars , so capturing for all time those very special golden moments of being together and at the end of the party the photos are burnt onto a CD for them to take away and distribute at a later date to all the members of the group that came along.

These singing experiences are priceless and very rewarding, as there are not many experiences around which you can do as a group and walk away with the happiest and biggest, smiles and laughter of having had such a great and joyful time. Not only do you take away at the end a CD each off all your efforts, but the many photos too will remind you of your most joyful moments with your treasured friends and families of that special bonding time together.  

Depending on the package you pick for your party you can either go for the no frills economy Silver package, or our enhanced Gold or Platinum options just check our website for the details.

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