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Why Buy Our Gift Vouchers?

Not sure if this is the right gift choice…. read on!

If your struggling to buy an usual gift for your much loved member of your Family, Husband, Wife, Grandad, Granny, Sons, Daughters and of course any of your very special friends who have a passion to sing: with one of our gift vouchers, it’s very possible this is the perfect idea to buy them…

Personalised attractive gift voucher

gift voucherYou have an option of buying from a one hour up to an 8 hour Star Experience Gift Voucher depending on how many songs the would want to sing. We also  send out personalised Gift Vouchers which are presented in a gold envelope, with an explanation of what’s included, which makes the the most perfect easy and irresistible gift.

We can either send the gift voucher out to the recipient, or the person who has bought it, with a first class stamp, in most cases you will receive it within two days of ordering (depending on the postal service) to surprise your treasured friend or family member. gift voucher 2

The one hour star is perfect for people who  have always wanted to have a go at singing to their favourite track, and suits any age group as long as they can read the lyrics… but this is not a karaoke experience,  this is about capturing the essence of a very special voice as well as providing  a top class professional experience. It’s a great chance to show family, friends or even the world  that they have a great voice.

Expert guidance

gift voucher 3The recipient is expertly guided by the head producer, and if there are any really difficult bits to your track they are schooled through them to get the very best of results. The perfect  chance to release their inner demon (or angels) and shine like a true superstar.

Of course you could just book the time for yourself. The more hours booked the price gets cheaper. A one hour experience is 59.00 and a four hour one works out at 40.00ph.

Tips for the recipient

So if your feeling a bit braver and you feel you have that special talent these gift experiences can definitely boost your confidence as this is a chance to perfect your skill. This can be such a beneficial learning curve if you just want to have a go or are a serious singer.

gift voucher 4If you decide to pick the 3 or up to 8 hour slot then you could use this time to record a collection of your favourite songs in the studio as the quality of your performance can be captured onto your CD, so creating a professional way to show off your voice or music (as this would even suit musicians too).

This could be used as the perfect tool for promotion for gigs, and any jobs that require singers – but it also helps you to perfect your singing and recording skills as well as getting the chance to improve your mic technique, a very important part of the process in becoming a real star which is very often overlooked.

We do advise though, if you pick the packages that have more hours, that you practise the tracks as much as you can before your session. This will definitely give you a better result and you might even end up with being able to record that extra song within the time frame.

But of course you might be someone who knows their songs inside out in which case you will be able to concentrate more on the performance side allowing you to perfect your tracks to the highest standard possible with our top producer ending up with a product you can be truly proud off.

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