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A fun, creative recording studio experience... in the heart of Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile...

Recording Studio Experiences for Everyone

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On the Royal Mile, in the  heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, and just a few minutes from Waverley Railway station,

Royal Mile Recording Experiences is the ultimate location for a recording studio experience.

The perfect  introduction to the world of the recording studio is guaranteed for that specially talented person in your life,
who will get the chance to come and record in the creative atmosphere of our extremely well equipped and comfortable professional recording studio…

…or of course, you can just as easily book yourself in for an experience.

Listen to an Audio introduction

Our Gift Experience Vouchers and Studio Packages

Since we started conducting studio experiences for anyone who wants to have a go at recording back in 2009,
we have developed structured (and fun) sessions which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

3 Packages – From Taster to Pro!

 PLEASE NOTE: these experiences are not designed for bands


… is the ideal introduction to the World of Recording
You can come in to the studio and sing, play, or do whatever you like with the time booked
There are lots of extras included.

From £69 for a One hour Taster and it gets cheaper per hour the more hours you book
2 hours = £62.50 per hour
3 hours = £49.33 per hour
4 hours = £43.75

We provide the producer to guide you through the entire process and backing tracks for Singers,
as well a range of studio instruments for Musicians, if required.


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is a great package to arm yourself with a set of songs, promo pics, picture disc CDs and Mp3s to promote your tracks.

This is a great deal for a 6 hour session in the studio, with free extras included.

£245 (just over £40 per hour)

• Studio Producer to Guide You Through The Session
• Includes 6 hours in the studio
• Attractive  personalised gift voucher presented in gold envelope.
• Valid for 12 months
• Up to 4 can participate
• Mp3 Digital Copies of your Recordings
• Backing tracks for all the songs you can record
• Studio Instruments available if required
Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Telecaster, Fender Strat, Roland Keyboard, Takamine , Taylor & Yamaha Acoustic Guitars.
• A walk through of the recording process, for those who are technically minded.


OR CALL US ON 0131 556 4882



… will take your song to a full production and band sound with musical accompaniment, if required.
This is not a demo, but a professional broadcast standard music production.

This package represents extremely good value for the serious artist,
as it includes studio time and the expertise and assistance of an experienced music producer
who is with you every step of the way to ensure a great sounding result.
Musical accompaniment is also included if required,
along with a multi angle video of a studio performance along with many Free extras!


OR CALL US ON 0131 556 4882


Recording Studio Gift Vouchers

  • recording studio seating areaOur attractive and personalised recording studio gift vouchers are available for all of our packages and are the ultimate creative gift for:


Whether it’s just for fun or something more serious we will coax the best possible performance results from the lucky recipient of your special recording studio gift voucher and will expertly and sensitively guide the participant through every stage of the recording process.

The knowledge gained from these confidence boosting recording studio experiences will definitely empower the participant whenever they go to any recording studio in the future, or to make better recordings in their own home studio  setup.

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All of our recording studio gift vouchers and experiences include :

  • An experienced professional audio producer to conduct the recording session.
  • Free backing tracks, if required
  • CDs and digital copies
  • A Photo session
  • And for those who are keen on the technical aspects of things, a walkthrough of the recording process.

Contact us now or call us on 0131 556 4882 if you prefer to purchase a voucher over the phone, or to book yourself in, or if you have any questions we can help at all that we can help you with.

We can tailor your session

Although our recording studio gift experiences are designed as an ideal introduction for people who haven’t been in a professional studio before,  just tell us what you need and we will happily adjust the package to your own requirements if you have a specific recording project in mind.

You may not need a voucher, you can always just book yourself in.

Many people who buy these vouchers for our music studio gifts also come along and watch the experience from our comfortable seating area. As well as having visual contact with the performer, they often report enjoying the sessions just as much as the recipient!

Top Notch Sound

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Royal Mile Recording Experiences is a division of Offbeat Studios & Productions.  We have been established in the Royal Mile since 1992 and produce broadcast standard audio productions to a huge range of International and independent broadcasters and companies. Recordings we have been involved in have won several Major Awards. Find Out More About Us

In September 2020, one of our Pro Production Experience customers, Brian Lee aka The B, reached no1 in the Itunes Singer/Songwriter charts with his original song Bad Poetry.

Brian, who has attended several recording studio experiences at the studio played Acoustic Guitar and Vocals and our head producer Iain McKinna provided musical accompaniment on Bass, Electric Guitar & Drums

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Or call us on 0131 556 4882

      COVID 19

Our  clean and comfortable studio can easily accommodate 4 people with socially distancing in place for our recording studio experiences. We provide hand sanitisers throughout and single use face masks are on hand, if required.

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